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Founded by a woman with a mission

Nourist is the brainchild of Marion. Marion battled for years with sensitive skin, embarking on an endless quest to find the right skincare products. Her skin was often itchy and plagued by acne.

The turning point came during her college years when Marion stumbled upon natural cosmetics. Her skin was transforming and she became intrigued by the power of natural ingredients. She decided to dig deeper, pursuing training as an herbalist.

But Marion's curiosity didn't stop there. She furthered her studies, becoming an organic skincare formulator. It was important to her to unite the strength of nature with the rigors of science.

Her quest led her to suppliers who approached skincare from a different perspective: the restoration of the skin barrier. Plus, they used ingredients that had undergone clinical trials, ensuring their efficacy.

Transparency is very important to Marion, so she scoured for suppliers with clear documentation and a strong commitment to social projects. Marion was determined to offer products that were not only effective but also ethically and ecologically sound.
When she found these partners, the circle was complete, and Nourist (previous called Marion Maakt) was born.

At Nourist, we believe in the power of nature, supported by science, to give your skin the care it deserves.