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How does nourist's subscription system work?

Select the product you want to purchase and choose the subscription option. The selected product will be delivered to you automatically every 2, 3, 4, or 5 months. This way, you save 15%, and you can cancel or pause a delivery at any time.


What types of payments are accepted?

Currently, only VISA payments are accepted.


Can I order one product every 2 months and another product every 5 months?

Absolutely! In that case, you would make two separate purchases to initiate two different subscriptions. For instance, you could purchase a serum and set it to renew every five months. Then, make another purchase with a deodorant and moisturizer to renew every two months. Remember, free shipping is available for orders above 60 euros. Keep this in mind when arranging your subscriptions.


Can I add a one-time product to my subscription?

Yes! Just go to 'subscriptions' in your account, select your subscription, and see the items it includes. You can add products for a single time using the 'edit' button.


How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Go to 'subscriptions' in your account, where you'll find options to 'Pause my subscription' or 'Cancel my subscription'. It's as easy as a click!.


How do I change my subscription?

Access 'subscriptions' from your account, select the subscription you want to edit, and use the edit button to add or remove products. You can add products for a single time or include them in your subscription.


When do I get free shipping?

You receive free shipping as soon as your subscription totals more than 60 euros. Below that, standard shipping costs apply.


Can I use other discount codes in my subscription?

No, the 15% discount you receive with the subscription cannot be combined with other discounts.


What can I adjust in my subscription?

Under 'subscriptions' in your account, you'll see an overview of your subscriptions, including the start date, frequency, status, and the items included. You can pause, cancel, or add items (for one time) by clicking on the 'edit' option.


Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

If you have enough stock, you can pause your subscription. However, to change the frequency, you need to cancel your subscription and place a new order with a different frequency through the shop. Unfortunately, you can't change the frequency directly in your account.